Luke. Saint surgeon

110 minutes - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus - 2013

Status Completed

Creation year 2013

Country RussiaUkraineBelarus

Language Russian

Premiere in Ukraine 11 October 2013

Hire the world with 13 April 2015

Budget ₴ 38 401 100

The film is based on the dramatic fate of a prominent surgeon and clergyman – VF Voyno-Yasenetsky (St. Luke's).

1917. Young doctor Valentin Voyno-Yasenetsky with his wife and four children moves to Tashkent, covered by civil war and intervention. War-Yasenetsky becomes the chief doctor of the city hospital. Not only does he save hundreds of patients every day, operating under the balls of constant street battles, but he also fights for the life of his beloved wife, who dies of tuberculosis. In the midst of repression, he became a priest, left with four children on the outskirts of the former empire. And since that time, never betraying either a scalpel or a cross, he has been through all the tests of exile and humiliation, healing the body and soul ...


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