24 minutes - Ukraine - 2018

Status Completed


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Format Film

Category Short

Genre Science fiction

Production company Limelite / ForeFilms

Distributor Kinolife Distribution

Directors Anna Yatsenko

Screenwriter Alіna SobolevsykaAnna Yatsenko

Director of photography (DOP) Denis Luschik

Production Designer Vladlen Odudenko

Sound Directors Mikola Strіlecykiy

Film editor Alexander Chorny

Сostume designer Іnna Chumachenko

Producer Anna YatsenkoVladimir Yatsenko

Executive Producers Anastasіya Іvaschuk

Leading actors Oleh MoskalenkoDasha PlahtiyAndrіy GhurbaRoman HalaimovOleksіy Dzyubinsykiy

Supporting Actors Yana Klyuchnik

Creation year 2018

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

Rental in Ukraine with 23 November 2018

2058. Humanity has conquered death. With the help of new technologies, the corporation digitizes the souls of the dying and places them in the afterlife of the digital world forever. Otherworldly digital worlds are very expensive. But there are also primitive social worlds from the state in which it is frightening to be. Therefore, people do not live in real life, but try to earn a decent afterlife.

Corporations use living people to test new digital worlds. In the underdeveloped, test world, two people are being immersed - conductors and testers. For this purpose, they are introduced into the state of clinical death. Conductors are dying people who have no money to buy the afterlife. Together with them are downloaded testers - people who collect data to correct the mistakes of the developers of these worlds. Only one tester is returned from the afterlife. The explorer dies and stays in the digital world forever, and the tester is sent to test new worlds.

Young boy Yan against such a life after death. His father worked as a tester and died while testing one of the worlds. Yang believes that only this world is real, that the digital eternity offered by corporations is a hoax. But his wife, Marie, thinks otherwise. Ian tries to convince her and prove that real life is the eternity allotted to them. And only this is really important.

The sudden car accident that he became the culprit causes Jan to go against his principles. He wants to bring back to life his wife, who is out of his guilt in a coma. For this he earns money by working as a tester of these worlds. But did he know that in order to get her back from the digital afterlife, they would need to die together?

The film is part of an almanac of short films Summer. Top. Love.

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