Денис Якимчук

Оператор-постановник (1)

  • СтатьЧоловік
  • Вік34 роки
  • Дата народження15 січня 1987
  • Місце народженняКиїв
  • Країна народженняУкраїна

 Denis is an art photographer and cinematographer, PADI Certified recreational diver and underwater cinematographer born in Kyiv in 1987. Denis learned photography and post processing completely independently but under the clear eye of highly experienced artists. This brings the advantage that he never became seduced to just copy someone’s style but always could evolve himself freely. He has developed a keen feeling for the precise interplay of location and action that works for a great picture.

    “I think it is more art of seeing things in different eyes, to capture them and transform into eternal art. I always try to push creative boundaries to invent new ways of telling stories inside images and I hope this shines through my work.“ 

- Denis