Lyubomir Levicykiy

Director (9) Film editor (2) Leading actor (1) Screenwriter (3)

  • GenderMale
  • Age22 years
  • Date of birth17 September 2001
  • Place of birthVerhovina
  • Country of birthUkraine

Was born 17/ 09/1980 / in a Ukrainian - Polish family in western  Ukraine.

For some time Liubomyr lived and worked in Germany, where studied at film school.     

By studying screenwriting skills began to write the own scripts. Back in Ukraine, Lyubomir accepted the offer to become director co-writer and co-producer of the first Ukrainian horror film -  "The pit" (Shtolnya) (film), 90 min. 2006, which was recognized as a symbol of young democracy in Ukraine. 


Lyubomir Levitsky is one of the most successful  international filmmakers in Ukraine. He’s got under his belt scores of video clips,commercials and three successful movies with great domestic box office.

Liubomyr’s  work created a whole new genre, which did not exist in In the years that followed, he directed several more hit movies, which made excellent box office due to popularity among younger audiences.

Among these movies were a comedy “Pawnshop”, 50% funded by the Ministry Of Culture, a mystical thriller “Unforgotten Shadows”, with partially American crew (the first Ukrainian film to break-even from domestic release) as well as “Selfie Party”, which became very popular after nation-wide casting, where everyone could try for a role in the film.

Recently, together with the US Embassy in Ukraine, the American Chamber of Commerce and America House, director/producer Liubomyr Levytskyi  created a project “Give Chance To Dream”, which was aimed at combatting piracy. I made three videos against film piracy, which premiered with Deputy Chief of Mission George P. Kent in attendance, and resulted in great success.