Iryna Lazer

Acting coach (0) Actress dubbing (0) Composer (3) Leading actress (1) Musician (2) Soundtrack (3) Supporting Actress (2) Teacher (0) Vocalist (2)

  • GenderFemale
  • Age38 years
  • Date of birth18 February 1983
  • Place of birthChernіvcі
  • Country of birthUkraine

Uchilische mistectv іmenі Sidіra Vorobkevicha, specіalynostі "Dirihent horu" ta "Artist-vokalіst"

Kiivsykiy nacіonalyniy unіversitet teatru, kіno і telebachennya іmenі Іvana Karpenka-Karoho, specіalynіsty "Aktrisa teatru ta kіno", kurs Yu.M. Maghuhi


Iryna Lazer is a theatre and movie actress, theatre voice coach, musician.

She is the lead-singer and composer of the Mavka band that combines downtempo, electronica, trance, noise, ambient sound and live looping with ethnic variations.
The group is known for the lead-singer's particular solo live performances and her rich soprano vocals which she mixes into polyphony using complex combinations of the live looping technique.
The majority of the songs is written and performed in the Ukrainian language. The band is also actively working on the songs written in a 'mermaid' glossolalia.

Albums and major shows
2014 – Ivana Kupala Night (EP)
2015 – Day and Night (LP)
2018 – music show “Horovod under the stars” with the сhildren's сhoir Dyvo (conductor Tetiana Nadolinska)
2018 – Christmas show “Carols live looping”
2019 – music and choreography show “Folkstrance”
2019 – Day and Night (LP, re-release) 

Soundtracks and music for movies and plays
2017 – music and soundtracks for “The Tale of Money” feature film
2017 – soundtrack for the play “The People Are Singing” of the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester
2018 – music for the play “Sasha, throw out the trash” of the Kyiv Academic Young Theatre
2019 – soundtrack for “The Borderline. Hrubieszów operation” documentary film

Major venues and festivals the band collaborates with
Zoloti Vorota Theater
Kyiv Planetarium
Street music Festival
Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of Dnipro