Stupid star

90 minutes - Ukraine - 2007

Status Completed

No trailer

Creation year 2007

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

World Premiere 20 January 2008

Elya Naidenova is a round orphan. She grew up in an orphanage. But now she is seventeen - it's time to leave the walls of the shelter and start living independently. The director of the institution advises Eli to enter the pedagogical institute by all means, because she is well aware of the remarkable abilities of her pupil.

But the girl dreams of a career as a singer. She has a beautiful voice, and not to use this talent would be a crime. One day Naidenova accidentally learns that the Star Wars vocal competition will soon be held on television, the winner of which will have a chance to become a pop star. Anyone can come to the qualifying round. Naive Elya, who does not know life at all, goes to conquer the capital. The girl believes in her strength and that in show business everything is fair.

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