How is Katia?

100 minutes - Ukraine - 2022

Status Completed

Format Film

Category Full-length

Genre Drama

Production company Evos Film

Directors Krіstіna Tinykevich

Screenwriter Serhii Kastornykh

Director of photography (DOP) Vlad Voronіn

Production Designer Vlad Dudko

Sound Directors Sergiy Stepansky

Film editor Oleksіy ShamіnAlexander Chorny

Сostume designer Natalіya Potarsyka

Makeup artists Olyha Ahtarnіya

Second Director Katerina Stebnovsyka

Casting director Yana Bernadsyka

Producer Olyha MatatVlad Dudko

Executive Producers Svіtlana Yacinich

Leading actors Anastasіya Karpenko

Supporting Actors Olena RechichOlena LazovichІrina Verenich-OstrovsykaYurіy FelіpenkoTetyana KrulіkovsykaOlena HohlatkіnaVіktor GhdanovKaterina Kozlova

Сoaches Ihor Koltovskyi

Creation year 2022

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

World Premiere 06 August 2022

Premiere in Ukraine 05 October 2022

Hire the world with 30 June 2023

Budget ₴ 11 746 977

'How's Katya?' is a story about Anna, a single mother and a paramedic, has just taken up mortgage in dreams of creating a better life for her 12-year-old daughter Katia.
But a rough twist of events makes Anna face a moral dilemma that will challenge her personal moral borders in a society that hasn’t got any.

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