Hadjibey Fortress

120 minutes - Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey - 2020

Status Completed


Movie Critics: 0, Spectators: 0

Creation year 2020

Country UkraineGeorgiaTurkey

Language Ukrainian

World Premiere 01 October 2020

Premiere in Ukraine 15 October 2020

Hire the world with 01 October 2020

Rental in Ukraine with 15 October 2020

Budget ₴ 28 022 568

Box office Ukraine (for all period) ₴ 750 000

Spectators in cinemas 8408

The end of the eighteenth century. The Ottoman Porte and the Transdanubian Sich are fighting Russia for the northern Black Sea coast. The last fortress is held – Hadjibey. The Transdanubian Cossacks send Cossack Andrew to the Turkish commandant of the fortress of Ahmet Pasha with a letter containing a secret message of extraordinary importance concerning the war. Ahmet Pasha has a great influence on the sultan, so he must send this letter by sea to Istanbul – the sultan himself. But the fortress is captured by Russian troops, Ahmet Pasha falls into prison. His only daughter, the beautiful Fatima, manages to escape captivity. Andrew and Fatima meet in difficult circumstances, and have to decide how to proceed.

At this time, the Georgian traveler Yoram arrives at the port of Hadjibey – he brought a unique vine to grow a vineyard. He also has an old cup given to him by his uncle Timosh. This cup once belonged to the famous D’Atranyan and, according to Uncle Timosh, this thing should save Joram’s life.

On the Black Sea coast, the brave and honest Yoram immediately finds himself in a difficult situation with Russian soldiers, and agrees to help Andrew and Fatima. He has another important reason – Yoram meets the Ukrainian beauty Katreya, whose father, Mr. Danylo, is also in a Russian dungeon. Together, young people develop and implement a desperate plan…


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