Frontier. Grubeshiv Operation

56 minutes - Ukraine - 2019

Status Completed

Creation year 2019

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

Premiere in Ukraine 28 may 2019

Budget ₴ 3 468 235

The film dialogue reproduces the thoughts and views of the UPA insurgent and the Polish partisan AK (Army of Krajova). These battle-hardened warriors waged a fierce debate about the history of their peoples in the twentieth century and, in particular, between 1939 and 1946, when they fought bravely against the invaders and were tortured by the Soviet NKVD and the German SS. In the horrific swirl of endless battles on all fronts of the UPA and AK, they collided with each other. But after years of mutual resentment, Ukrainians and Poles finally realized the terrible external imperialist threat, understood each other and began to fight the invaders together. On the night of May 28, 1946, an attack was carried out on the NKVD-controlled city of Hrubieszów, one of the largest military operations carried out by the UPA in conjunction with AK successors, the Polish rebels from Vinnitsa (Will and Independence).


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