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DzygaMDB - this is the largest database on the audiovisual sector in Ukraine.
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Cinephiles and moviegoers

Film critic

Film critic

Cinema Professional (PRO)

Director, producer, actor, screenwriter, etc.

Company (PRO)

Studio, production, film producer, etc.

Casting Director/Actors Agent (PRO)

Managers and Directors of actors, casting specialists


DzygaMDB - database on the audiovisual sector in Ukraine. The creation of the project was initiated by the Ukrainian film Academy in 2018.

Project objective:

  • - open all the possibilities of the Ukrainian audiovisual sector for the world
  • - help Ukrainian film professionals spread information about their own projects, as well as automate complex processes: organizing casting, searching for specialists, etc.
  • - attract the attention of Internet users to the audiovisual sector of Ukraine

The founders of the DzygaMDB project are Viktoriya Tigipko, President of the Odessa international film festival, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian film Academy and managing partner of the TA Ventures investment Fund, and Anna Maceh, Executive Director of the Ukrainian film Academy.

Online movie database of Ukraine

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