Volodymyr Markovych

Actor dubbing (0) Leading actor (1) Supporting Actor (13) Voice actor (1)

  • GenderMale
  • Age39 years
  • Date of birth03 September 1984
  • Country of birthUkraine

1)Harkіvsykiy Derghavniy Unіversitet mistectv іm. Kotlyarevsykoho 05'. Aktor teatru ta kіno, kurs Litko A. Ya.


2) HDUM Kotlyarevsykoho 09'. Reghiser teatru drami, kurs Barsehyana A. S. 


From 2004 to 2017 he was an actor of Kharkiv Academic Theater Pushkin. From 2017 I live and work in Kiev Experience of the winter - the linear role of the psychologist Zenik "The next doctor" 4,5,6 7, the season - the linear role of the operas Sokolov "Rechdok" 25 series - the series "Mail", the role of the Maniac - the series "Female Doctor ", the role of Dmitry TV series" Get out without a call 2 "and other Roles in the theater: Zhadov" Profitable place "Ostrovsky Lucindo" Cunning lover "Lope de Vega Zilov" Duck hunting "Vampilov Teacher" Unnamed star "Sebastian Gerostrat" .. Gorin Alhanon's heroost Toibele and her demon "Singer Trotter" Mousetrap "Agatha Christie Leslie" Clinical case "(family case) R.K. uni David Shine "The public is forbidden to watch" dir. Alexander Arkadin-Shkolnik Muarron "Kabbalah saint" M. Bulgakov, dir: A.Shkolnik