Nastia Korol

Leading actress (2) Supporting Actress (2)

  • GenderFemale
  • Age22 years
  • Date of birth30 November 2000
  • Place of birthKiiv
  • Country of birthUkraine

Unіversitet Karpenko-Karoho,aktorsyka maysternіsty 


Since 14 years I work in modeling sphere. I passed on 4 course in KNUTKIT, Bogomazov's workshop. I don't see myself in other profession and I don't even want to imagine. In 10-11 classes I acted in a sitcom "Curators" where there was a leading role.  I think I still not managed to build a cliché on myself, so I wanted to try to play different as possible and what sits on me, and what at first glance seems not mine at all. I would like to try to break  myself and my habits, that's why I came to this profession.