Svitlana Shalyga

Leading actress (2) Supporting Actress (14)

  • GenderFemale
  • Age45 years
  • Date of birth12 April 1977
  • Place of birthVіnnicya
  • Country of birthUkraine

V 1997 r. zakіnchila z chervonim diplomom teatralyne  uchilische іm. M. Leontovicha                  ( specіalynіsty aktorsyka maysternіsty ) Vikladach nar. artist  Ukraini V. Seleznyov ta nar . artist Ukraini V. Prusc .

V 2003 r. zakіnchila KDІKT іm. І. Karpenka –Karoho ( specіalynіsty teatralyna kritika ) vikladachі S. Vasil’iev ta H. Lipkіvsyka .


THEATER AND CINEMA ACTRESS Leading stage master Shalyga Svitlana Vitaliyivna, born in 1977 In 1993 she graduated from the theater school-studio at the Music Drama. theater. M. Sadovsky. In 1997 she graduated with honors from the theater school. M. Leontovych (specialty acting) Teacher born. artist of Ukraine V. Seleznyov and b. artist of Ukraine V. Prusc. In 2003 she graduated from KDIKT them. I. Karpenko Kary (specialty theater criticism) teachers S. Vasilyev and G. Lypkivska. From 1993 to 2008 she worked as a drama actress at the Vinnytsia Academic Music and Drama Theater. M. Sadovsky. 1997-99 was the host of the TV program Our Land of Vinnytsia State Television. Also held the position of assistant director of the TV program Counterband VDT. From 1997 -2019 worked as an assistant director in the feature films Mozart, Catch a Fish, A Long Shot, Keep Near the Heart, Echoes 1996-2007. She worked in the Radio Theater program at the VDT. She published articles in Vinnytsia periodicals. He is the author of the collection of Anatoly Ovcharenko life and work. Also together with V. Shalyga is the author of the screenplay Mozart dir. W. Shaliga 1998; Fatal error dir. V. Shalyha in 2002. Due to family circumstances she moved to Kyiv in 2007. From 2008 to 2011 she taught theatrical art at the Children's School of Arts №8 in Kyiv. Since 2011 2017 she has been an actress and head of the troupe of the Ukrainian Maly Drama Theater in Kyiv. Since 2017 she has played on one-offs in the Actor Theater, White Crow Studio Theater. Now she is an actress of the Constellation Theater. Directing productions at the Kyiv School of Arts Shalyga New Year's adventures ROLE, played on the stage of Vinnytsia Music and Drama Theater named after M. Sadovsky: Vasylynka Vanity I. Karpenko-Kary dir. V. Seleznev Irina Chumakova War I. Stadnyuk dir. V. Seleznev Genevieve Blaise K. Monet dir. V. Seleznyov Komelkova And the stars are quiet here B. Vasilyev dir. V. Seleznyov Motrya Mazepa B. Lepky dir. V. Seleznyov Margaret The House of Crazy E. Scarpetta dir. E. Golovatyuk Louise Insidiousness and love F. Schiller dir. V. Seleznyov Zhanka Home L. Razumovska dir. V. Seleznyov Dancer Kiss Me, Kate K. Porter dir. S. Vakhterov Iryna Marriage on the announcement of V. Kanivets dir. E. Golovatyuk Marusya Churai Marusya Churai L. Kostenko dir. V. Seleznyov Journalist Black diplomat V. Seleznyov dir. V. Seleznyov Clara Three ideal spouses A. Cason dir. There is Golovatyuk Svitlana Provincialka J. Stelmakh dir. V. Seleznev Pizza-Kitty We need a liar D. Psafas dir. V. Seleznyov Tessala The house where God spent the night G. Figuereid dir. V.Shaliga Panna Olyana Love in the Baroque style J.Stelmakh dir. T. Slavinska ROLE, played at the Kyiv Maly Drama Theater: Vika Beware of Men I. Lomakin dir. I. Lomakin Wife of Perverts I. Lomakin dir. I. Lomakina Horpyna The fools M. Kropyvnytskyi dir. I. Lomakina Alina Escape from Reality T. Ivashchenko dir. M.Yaremkiv Iryna Single woman L.Korsunsky dir. M.Yaremkiv Tonya Quadrature of the circle V.Kataev dir. A.Tikhomirov Fenka-popivna Republic on wheels J.Mamontov dir. A. Tikhomirov Mercenary Mother-mercenary T. Shevchenko dir. A. Tikhomirov Abby Love under the Elms Y. Onil dir. O. Nezhenets Inna Law V. Vynnychenko dir. V. Shalyga Mrs. Baker Free Butterflies L. Hersh dir. N. Yablonska / enterprise / Terpelykha Natalka-Poltavka I. Kotlyarevsky dir. O. Melnyk / enterprise / Constellation Theater Woman Scream under the Ice B. Brecht dir. I. Gochashvili And the main and central roles in fairy tales. I act in movies and TV series. Phone 098 44 77 533