Kristina Syntlnyk

Acting coach (0) Leading actress (3) Supporting Actress (15)

  • GenderFemale
  • Age52 years
  • Date of birth01 may 1972
  • Place of birthKiiv
  • Country of birthUkraine

Zakіnchila KNU іm.Karpenko-Karoho 1989-1993rr.Mayster kursu M.Yu.Reznikovich.

Za fahom-aktrisa dramaticheskoho teatra i kino.


Actress Sinelnik Christina

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067 530 18 70



2018 "DoctorKovalchuk 2" (9 series, title - "Blood Price") dir. Gaida Role Seraphim (series heroine)

2017 ,, The one who is not asleep "dir.E.Baranov. Role senior nurse of the nursing home

2017" Artist "; dir.Gorov.Rol-Director of the children's home

2017. "The Ring with a Ruby"; Director S.S.Kravets.Rol-Irina

2017, "The Line of Light" Director S.S.Krutin. "Photo on Bad Memory" by A.A.Chebotarev. Role-registrar at RACS

2016, "Citizen Nobody", dir. V. Yankovsky. Role-secretary at the bank in 2016, "Major and Magic" .Melnichenko. The Role of Teacher Katya

2016, The Window of Life, directed by M.Papernik. Role-Teacher

2015 "Prosecutors", directed by N.N.Mikryukov. The Role-Worker of the World

2015 "The Jewelers' Clan" by D.G. Goldman. Role-Maria Halytska

2013 "Point" (short meter) by A. Makarenko, Main role-Woman of the hero

2013 'Two Ivan', directed by AA Itigilov. The Role-Girlfriend of Chief Heroine

2012 "This is my dog", directed by A.Itigilov. Role Secretary of the World

2010 Mercy Train '' (Aug.96, 'Friendly Families') dir. B. Nedich; S.Kurbanov. Role-Regina

2009 "Contract" by V.V. Yakovenko. Role-girl police lieutenant

2009 "Assholes. Arabesques" ("TAXCI?") Directed by V. Yakovenko. The main role is the Passenger

2009. "A Totally Different Life" by S.S.Aleshechkin. The Role of Light 2008 "A Tale of a Man and a Woman" by L.L. Karpov. role - the former Welsh wife 

2008. ,, Autumn waltz''Rezh.O.Filipenko. Rol-Katya girlfriend Max

2008. ,, Mukhtar-4 '' (Aug.78 ,, Veselchaki '') dir. V.Zlatoustovsky. Role-Veselov

2007 "The main thing to make it," directed by L. Karpov. Lisa's Role-Mama

2005 Mukhtar-2 (ser. 25 Cain), directed by V. Zlatoust. Role-Olya

2003 The Right to Protect (1-2 series) directed by V. Krishtofovich. Role-Anya

2001 The Lady Bumblebee (6th Ser.) Directed by M.Migunov. The role of nanny Arina 1997. ,, Hippiniade or the Mainland of Love '' by A.Benkendorf. The role of Natasha

1992. ,, The Spirits of Ada''Rec. Yu.Music. The Role-Girl of the protagonist

THEATER WORKS Independent theater projects on 'SCENE 6':

From 2018-2019 the play 'Bad Roads', by N. Vorozhbit, dir. T. Trunova, role-Tanya

From 2018 -2019 performance "Numbers", based on the play by O. Sentsov, dir. T. Trunov, role-eight of 2013-till now I work in the entree, "Colosseum"