Anisiia Stasevych

Leading actress (2) Supporting Actress (2)

  • GenderFemale
  • Age26 years
  • Date of birth06 December 1993
  • Place of birthOdesa
  • Country of birthUkraine

KNUTKіT іm. Karpenka-Karoho (maysternya Tarasa Denisenko).


Born in Odessa. She graduated from children's theater school. As a child, she studied at a music school (piano), went horse riding, attended a class in rhetoric and oratory. In 2011 she joined KNUTKit them. Karpenko-Kary (Taras Denysenko's workshop). Graduated from the University (Bachelor). During the academic period, she began to star in short films and advertising, working as a model. After graduation, she began to star in television series. Worked as a dubbing actress, voiceover. Since 2016 full-time actress at the Lipki Theater ("Summer Night's Dream" - Hermia, "Transformation" - Felitza, "Biloxi Blues - Daisy / Rowena). T / C:" Paparazzi "," Voice from the Past "," May Angelina, "Best of All," "Caregiver," "Curators," "Major and Magic," etc. I have experience in advertising and music videos. She has appeared in the short films "Srak Genk" and "The Missing Dog", the Bollywood film "DEV". I take part in art projects, photography. Currently I work as a full-time actress in the theater. I am interested in yoga and cinema (I attend film festivals).