Igor Parfenov

Director (6) Executive Producer (2) Leading actor (5) Producer (4) Production Designer (1) Screenwriter (5) Supporting Actor (1)

  • GenderMale
  • Age61 years
  • Date of birth08 March 1962
  • Place of birthUkraina, Harkіv
  • Country of birthUkraine

Harkіvsyka derghavna akademіya fіzichnoi kulyturi


Parfenov Igor Viktorovich was born in Moldova on March 8, 1962. His father is Russian and his mother is Ukrainian. As a child he moved to Kharkiv, Ukraine. From school he was fond of literature, sports, as an extreme tourist conquered Altai and Soyan. He is 
married, has 2 children.

In 1986  became the master of sports of the USSR in judo.

In 1989 became a graduate of Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Education.

1984 - 1990 worked as a Senior Coach at the Judo Sports School.

1990 - 2017 worked as a private entrepreneur.

From 1997 to the present time he is the Chairman of the Board of the  Human Rights Center "STUPENI" (human rights, protection of animals and nature). The NGO conducted a large number of actions and measures to protect homeless animals (against hunting, use of fur, etc.). He became a vegetarian for ethical reasons.

1999 - 2005 founded and published a human rights anti-war philosophical non-profit journal "Crick".

In 2004 to the present time he created the "STEPS" studio, where he made 11 full-length feature films and more than 20 short and documentary works as a director and screenwriter. He became a nominee and winner of more than 70 international film festivals.

2005 - 2010 published the social newspaper "Time to Protect Animals".

Since 2007 founded and organized the international human rights film festival "STEPS", dedicated to human rights, protection of animals and nature

Member of the Filmmakers’ Union of Ukraine since 2011.

Member of the Film Academy of Ukraine since 2017.

For the last 4 years he has been making social art films about Maidan, the war and other acute social topics.  Igor has directed 13 feature films and a number of documentaries and short films and is currently working on his next feature film.

 Filmoghraphy: Feature films:  “Insanity. Challenge and Fight” (2004)  “When Gods Sleep” (2006)  “The Crucified” (2008,  “Confession of the Devil” (2009)   “A farewell to bullfight” (2010)  “A Cry in the Silence”, (2012)  “Nonconformity”, (2013) “Once upon a time in Ukraine. Revolution” (2015)“Under the Sun” (2016)“Once upon a time in Ukraine. The War”(2016) “After the revolution” (2018)“Manifesto” (2018)“Crimean History X” (2019) 

Short films: “The place where the horses cry” (2007) “The last duel” (2010) “7 billions” (2011) “Human Zoo” (2011)“The Dependents” (2013)“Weeping” (2015)“Joke” (2015)“Valentine’s Day” (2015)“Death in Notre Dame” (2016)“On the Scales” (2016)“A Human Death” (2017)“Outcast” (2018)“Lynch court” (2019)“Punishment” (2019)“The Abyss” (2019)“Mother” (2019)“Slavery” (2019)

 Documentaries:“Bull’s Soul” (2007)“Arena’s poison” (2010).