120 minutes - GermanyIsraelUkraine

Genre Thriller

Category Full-length

Director Doron PazYoav Paz

Release date30 April 2021


75 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre AnimationScience fiction

Category Full-length animation

Director Anatolіy Lavrenіshin

Release date24 June 2021

Because war

90 minutes - Ukraine

Genre WarDocudrama

Category Full-length

Director Vladislav Berkovsykiy

Release date31 August 2021

Umbrella Sky

120 minutes - ItalyUkraine

Genre Dramedia

Category Full-length

Director Zaza Buadze

Young Italian Michele, who has Ukrainian roots, goes to an abandoned Carpathian village to dispel the dust of his mother. Here he meets his grandfather Michael, a former clown named "Buba". This unexpected meeting changes their lives forever.

Release date01 November 2021

Gulliver Returns

90 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre AnimationAdventureComedy

Category Full-length animation

Director Іllya Maksimov

Release date23 December 2021