116 minutes - Ukraine 2019

Genre Screen adaptationRomance

Category Full-length

Director Mihaylo Іllienko

Based on the poem by Taras Shevchenko, At that Catherine's house on the dais ... .

Taras Shevchenko has a little ballad about how three Cossacks fell in love with Catherine. Catherine confided in her choice: she promised to become the wife of one who would release her brother from captivity. Two of the three Cossacks were killed trying to fulfill the terms of the contract, the third managed to save his brother, but his brother Catherine was not her brother, but her beloved... The poetry finale is delayed for a long time – waiting for Catherine will have more than one century, not aging and losing hope. This story, like a parable, flies through the history of Ukraine, recreates its dramatic and heroic episodes. Each trial also destroys Catherine's house. But as stubborn as hundreds of generations of Ukrainians, she again and again raises her from the ruins.

The age of the Ukrainian hut is short – from war to war. If not for the good, there would be nowhere to meet your lover. But no house in Ukraine has ever been extreme.

Release date20 August 2020


90 minutes - Ukraine 2019

Genre Road Mouve

Category Full-length

Director Andrіy Іvanyuk

Release date20 August 2020

Where are you Adam?

80 minutes - Ukraine 2019

Genre Documentary

Category Full-length documentary

Director Oleksandr Zaporoschenko

Release date03 September 2020

Fairytale of the Old Miller

92 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre Fantasy

Category Full-length

Director Oleksandr Іtihіlov

The boys are eagerly waiting for the old Melnik, from whom they want to hear stories of ancient times, adventures and wonders: of noble knights, foresters and watermen, of the air and the pesigolovtsi. And here's Melnik starting his tale ...

Release date24 September 2020

I work at the cemetery

100 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre DramaScreen adaptation

Category Full-length

Director Oleksіy Taranenko

Release date30 September 2020

Chervonyi No Frontline

110 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre DramaHistorical

Category Full-length

Director Zaza Buadze

The film is based on the first two chapters of Andrei Kokotyukha's novel The Red and tells the story of the development of the heroic personality of the harrowing UPA Danylo Red.

Rebels commander Danilo Krasny takes control of his beloved Ulyana Voloshchuk's home village and believes in the opportunity to begin a peaceful life during the Great War, but the Red Army offensive destroys his plans and ultimately deprives him of illusions.
Studying at the college, Danilo Red gets acquainted with the radicals and embarks on the path of struggle. His comrade Yuri Dorosh also wants to fight for Ukraine, but it must become communist. After dramatic events, when the beliefs will spread peers on different sides of the barricades, they will meet in 1943. Red is now the UPA's champion, and Dorosh is the NKVD captain, leading a group of saboteurs. The peak of the confrontation between the Red and the Doroshas dates back to 1945, when Yuri already, as the chief of the local NKVD branch, started hunting for Danylo, at that time – the Khorunga UPA. Red continues to fight without a front line, at the same time confronting the Germans, the Polish Army of the Krajina and the Red Army.

Release date08 October 2020

Hadjibey Fortress

TurkeyUkraineGeorgia 2020

Genre AdventureHistorical

Category Full-length

Director Kostyantin Konovalov

The end of the eighteenth century. The Ottoman Porte and the Transdanubian Sich are fighting Russia for the northern Black Sea coast. The last fortress is held – Hadjibey. The Transdanubian Cossacks send Cossack Andrew to the Turkish commandant of the fortress of Ahmet Pasha with a letter containing a secret message of extraordinary importance concerning the war. Ahmet Pasha has a great influence on the sultan, so he must send this letter by sea to Istanbul – the sultan himself. But the fortress is captured by Russian troops, Ahmet Pasha falls into prison. His only daughter, the beautiful Fatima, manages to escape captivity. Andrew and Fatima meet in difficult circumstances, and have to decide how to proceed.

At this time, the Georgian traveler Yoram arrives at the port of Hadjibey – he brought a unique vine to grow a vineyard. He also has an old cup given to him by his uncle Timosh. This cup once belonged to the famous D’Atranyan and, according to Uncle Timosh, this thing should save Joram’s life.

On the Black Sea coast, the brave and honest Yoram immediately finds himself in a difficult situation with Russian soldiers, and agrees to help Andrew and Fatima. He has another important reason – Yoram meets the Ukrainian beauty Katreya, whose father, Mr. Danylo, is also in a Russian dungeon. Together, young people develop and implement a desperate plan…

Release date15 October 2020