94 minutes - Ukraine 2021

Genre BiographicalHistoricalDrama

Category Full-length

Director Denis Soboliev

This storyline unfolds in parallel at several times and covers a century of European history, in which the tragic fate of the Homann clan takes place. The story begins in Hamburg – in 1967. The lonely old man Gustav Homann is living his last days in an apartment on the outskirts of the city. Sensing the approach of death, he writes a letter to his nephew. In this letter, Gustav asks to find his sister Magda and her children. In the 20s, after the First World War, young Magda fell in love with a captured Ukrainian from the Russian army and became pregnant. The Homann family could not accept this connection. Such love seemed especially vicious against the background of the death of the eldest son of the family – Frederick, who fell from a bullet of a Russian soldier. When the fate of Magda was decided, her beloved brother Gustav did not defend his sister. By doing this, he condemned the girl to exile and many years of suffering in Soviet Ukraine, where she went with her husband.

After reading the letter, Peter Homann decided to find out the fate of Magda and to find her descendants from now on is a matter of honor. However, he had an insurmountable barrier on the way to his goal – the Berlin Wall.

And reunion is the main idea of ​​the film. This story proves that family ties and the memory of generations are ultimately stronger than war and death.

Release date03 November 2022


100 minutes - TurkeyUkraine 2021

Genre Drama

Category Full-length

Director Marina Er Horbach

A story about three days in the life of a family faced with a difficult choice: can close people with different backgrounds go into a common future. One of the dramatic lines of the film is the events related to the MH-17 plane crash in July 2014.

Release date03 November 2022


90 minutes - Ukraine

Genre Drama

Category Full-length

Director Alla Pasіkova

Shanivka is a small village cut off from the big world, it lives its secluded life that resembles a disturbing dream. A quarter of a century ago there was a prosperous collective farm, but civilization retreated from this region long ago leaving behind nothing but ruins. Those who could do it left the village a long time ago. And here, in this field covered with wild grass, love germinates and grows, love wild and prickly, like a thistle bush.

A quiet and offish teenage girl fell in love with a married man. The village cannot accept their love, and therefore they are doomed to either exile or death.

Release date30 November 2022

Mavka – The forest song

85 minutes - Ukraine 2022

Genre Comedy

Category Full-length animation

Director Oleksandra RubanOleh Malamugh

Endless Ukrainian forests have long hidden many mysteries and mysteries. Unusual mythical creatures live here among the centuries-old trees, and among them are the Mohawk, the Soul and the newly-chosen Forest Shore. Her main vocation is to protect the Forest and its main treasure – the Source of Life – from any encroachment on humans.

Lukash is an ordinary country guy who loves music and puts all his talent into playing on a snot. Lukash dreams of becoming a musician and going to the city, but he is very afraid to play in the presence of other people and cannot overcome his fear. That is exactly what makes his music incredible: Mavka and Lukash meet and fall in love with each other.
Their union is almost impossible without it, but the obstacles are compounded when a greedy and almighty Kilina appears in the village. It promises people to rebuild an old sawmill not far from the Forest, which is only a cover for its true purpose – to get to the Source of Life.

Kylina knows that the key to him is Mavka, in whose heart love has already settled, making her vulnerable. In order to use Mawka, Kylina chooses Lucas and her peasants, whose souls are filled with anger and fear.

Release date29 December 2022

In the Darkness

100 minutes - Ukraine

Genre DramaThriller

Category Full-length

Director Oleksіy Taranenko

Release date31 October 2023

Valley of Carpathian Bison

60 minutes - Ukraine

Genre Documentary

Category Full-length documentary

Release date31 August 2024

Alchevsky's Mystery


Genre DetectiveHistoricalBiographical

Director Taras Dron

May 7, 1901. Warsaw railway station in Saint Petersburg, Russia. A mutilated body is found on the rails. The deceased is identified as Oleksiy Alchevsky – a renowned banker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, one of the richest people of the Russian Empire’s South. A note, found on the body, attests that it was a suicide.

Rumors, that Alchevsky was killed, start spreading all over the empire.  Realizing that this can potentially lead to a scandal, the St. Petersburg Police Department decides to investigate Alchevsky's death and entrusts the case to a young detective, Vasily Yanovsky. The investigator does not disclose to anyone, that his father was well acquainted with the deceased – so this is personal, and this is a matter of honor.

Vasily understands, that in order to solve this case, it is necessary to know everything about Alchevsky. He begins to dig and delve. Interrogating each suspect (wife, children, competitors) he makes a psychological profile of Alchevskiy, and it helps him to find answers to the main questions - was it suicide? And who has ruined Alchevsky's empire?

Release date31 March 2026