The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

74 minutes - UkraineLithuania 2019

Genre Documentary

Category Full-length documentary

Director Іrina Cіlik

The story of a family living in the red zone of Donbass, where the hostilities have been going on for six years. Overcoming the daily trauma of being in the frontline, Anna and her four children shoot together an amateur film about their lives in rather surreal circumstances.

Release date26 November 2020

Mother of Apostles

122 minutes - Ukraine 2019

Genre DramaWar

Category Full-length

Director Zaza Buadze

Release date03 December 2020

Yours Vasyl

60 minutes - Ukraine 2019

Genre Documentary

Category Full-length documentary

Director Svitlana RudiukOleksandr Avsharov

Release date03 December 2020


90 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre DocumentarySport

Category Full-length documentary

Director Volodimir Mula

This nationality in North America is called Ukrainians or UKE for short. The magazine of dense living of this people with the peoples of the continent is as long as the statistics themselves.

In the narrow field of sports – the game of stick and puck on the ice, which is called a hook, in American – hockey, there is a tradition: to enter the names of the winners of the Stanley Cup on the trophy itself in the form of inlays. An analysis of the lists of such names over 100 years has yielded unexpected results.

Along with the descendants of the British and French, who founded the countries of the United States and Canada, the UKE nationality is the largest. The names of players with Ukrainian roots are recorded en masse on the rings of the silver prize.

Release date03 December 2020

The Painted Bird

169 minutes - SlovakiaCzech RepublicUkraine 2019

Genre DramaWarScreen adaptation

Category Full-length

Director Vaclav Marul

According to Jerzy Kosinski's novel Painted Bird.

The movie takes place during World War II. In order to protect their son, his parents send him to relatives in a remote village in Eastern Europe. However, the baby's aunt dies and he has to survive in this cruel world himself.

Release date10 December 2020

My grandfather is Santa Claus

85 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre ComedyFamily

Category Full-length

Director Sergey Shlyahtyuk

Maxim, a nine-year-old boy, learns that his grandfather is Santa Claus and travels to Kiev on New Year's Eve to find him and make the most of his wishes. Along the way, Maxim gets into various adventures, changes people's destinies, and even encounters true witchcraft.

Release date24 December 2020

Fairytale of the Old Miller

92 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre Fantasy

Category Full-length

Director Oleksandr Іtihіlov

The boys are eagerly waiting for the old Melnik, from whom they want to hear stories of ancient times, adventures and wonders: of noble knights, foresters and watermen, of the air and the pesigolovtsi. And here's Melnik starting his tale ...

Release date31 December 2020