Anton and red chimera

102 minutes - UkraineLithuaniaGeorgia 2019

Genre DramaScreen adaptation

Category Full-length

Director Zaza Urushadze

Adaptation of the book of the same name by Canadian writer Dale Eisler.

The story of two boys who lived in a period of great turmoil. This is the First World War, the coming to power of the Communists, the destruction of two empires, the military aggression of the Bolsheviks in Ukraine, which just declared state independence, the famine as a consequence.

Release date18 March 2021



Genre DramaScience fiction

Category Short

Director Vladislav Berkovsykiy

Release date31 March 2021

Bad roads

124 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre Drama

Category Full-length

Director Natalіya Voroghbit

Adaptation of the play of the same name by Natalia Vorozhbit.

The five novels tell the real stories of residents of Donbass and Ukrainian soldiers whose lives extend on both sides of the dividing line.

Release date01 April 2021

Gulliver Returns

90 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre AnimationAdventureComedy

Category Full-length animation

Director Іllya Maksimov

Release date29 April 2021


120 minutes - GermanyIsraelUkraine

Genre Thriller

Category Full-length

Director Doron PazYoav Paz

Release date30 April 2021


75 minutes - Ukraine 2020

Genre AnimationScience fiction

Category Full-length animation

Director Anatolіy Lavrenіshin

Release date24 June 2021

Because war

90 minutes - Ukraine

Genre WarDocudrama

Category Full-length

Director Vladislav Berkovsykiy

Release date31 August 2021

Umbrella Sky

120 minutes - ItalyUkraine

Genre Dramedia

Category Full-length

Director Zaza Buadze

Young Italian Michele, who has Ukrainian roots, goes to an abandoned Carpathian village to dispel the dust of his mother. Here he meets his grandfather Michael, a former clown named "Buba". This unexpected meeting changes their lives forever.

Release date01 November 2021