Kings of rap

100 minutes - Ukraine 2021

Genre DramaMusicMelodrama

Category Full-length

Director Miroslav Latik

A seventeen-year-old graduate of a rural school – a guy nicknamed Kazan – above all dreams of becoming a famous rapper and conquering the heart of his girlfriend Sveta. He is willing to take risks for the sake of his dreams, but circumstances direct his life in another direction.

Release date03 August 2023


120 minutes - Ukraine 2022

Genre DramaHistoricalAdventureAction movie

Category Full-length

Director Olesy Sanіn

The events of the tape unfold in the first half of the XVIII century. in the Carpathian Mountains and tell about the drama of the life of the famous opryshka leader Oleksa Dovbush, his love and struggle.

Release date24 August 2023

Lucky Girl

100 minutes - GermanyUkraine 2022

Genre Drama

Category Full-length

Director Marisya Nіkіtyuk

The young successful journalist Nina seems quite happy: a loved one, two children, a favorite job, friends and youth. However, one day she is diagnosed with cancer. They are now doing surgery to remove the female's internal organs. Oncologist Alexandra, a young doctor with international experience, is operating. It is she who becomes Nina's closest person, a fulcrum and a symbol of healing.

Nina tries to keep the status quo at work and at home, but the illness forces her to change. Love, grueling medical procedures and a different rhythm of life help Nina find deeper contact with herself. A woman begins to breathe full breasts and acts as if she had never done before. She shoots a wig live, talks openly about experiences and explores new facets of her sensuality. Withstanding the onslaught of overly inquisitive colleagues and facing deep loneliness, Nina finds the strength to start over from a new page.

The film is based on the real life events of the famous journalist and TV presenter Janina Sokolova.

Release date07 September 2023

In the Darkness

100 minutes - Ukraine

Genre DramaThriller

Category Full-length

Director Oleksіy Taranenko

Release date31 October 2023


75 minutes - Ukraine 2023

Genre Documentary

Category Full-length documentary

Director Oksana Syhareva

Young Ukrainian circus acrobats developing their skills and performance up in the air. Once, a century-old circus building and local government officials challenge the path to their dreams. Now the war took away their home and they set off for a journey to tell the world about themselves.

Release date31 July 2024

Valley of Carpathian Bison

60 minutes - Ukraine

Genre Documentary

Category Full-length documentary

Release date31 August 2024

Alchevsky's Mystery


Genre DetectiveDramaHistoricalThrillerBiopic

Director Taras Dron

May 7, 1901. Warsaw railway station in Saint Petersburg, Russia. A mutilated body is found on the rails. The deceased is identified as Oleksiy Alchevsky – a renowned banker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, one of the richest people of the Russian Empire’s South. A note, found on the body, attests that it was a suicide.

Rumors, that Alchevsky was killed, start spreading all over the empire.  Realizing that this can potentially lead to a scandal, the St. Petersburg Police Department decides to investigate Alchevsky's death and entrusts the case to a young detective, Vasily Yanovsky. The investigator does not disclose to anyone, that his father was well acquainted with the deceased – so this is personal, and this is a matter of honor.

Vasily understands, that in order to solve this case, it is necessary to know everything about Alchevsky. He begins to dig and delve. Interrogating each suspect (wife, children, competitors) he makes a psychological profile of Alchevskiy, and it helps him to find answers to the main questions - was it suicide? And who has ruined Alchevsky's empire?

Release date31 March 2026