Home, Sweet Home

15 minutes - Ukraine - 2019

Status Completed

No trailer

Format Film

Category Short

Genre Thriller

Production company Mir&Co Production

Directors Anna Morozova

Screenwriter Oleksіy ChupaAnna Morozova

Director of photography (DOP) Edem Settarov

Production Designer Ruslan Revyakіn

Composers KJ SpectrumVіtalіy Borisov

Sound Directors Eduard Slobodyanyuk

Film editor Movsha Hackelevich

Producer Kyrylo Nechmonia

Leading actors Vіktor GhdanovDmytro OliinykAlla SerhiikoVіtalіy AramyanArtur Aramyan

Creation year 2019

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

World Premiere 23 August 2020

Premiere in Ukraine 23 August 2020

Bank employee Sergei goes to the apartment of an unreliable client who does not pay on the loan. Unfortunately for himself, Sergei finds a client at home and not alone. Sergei meets the assertive alcoholic Verka and her boyfriend, an uncontrollable former actor who has drunk everything in the world. In an alcohol spurt, they meet with a shot an unhappy office worker who only had to confirm the client's place of residence. And now what to do with Sergius, with his shoulder shot off, on the floor of an unknown entrance, surrounded by aggressive alcoholics, in a city that was just captured by pro-Russian militias and has no state structures? Is there a place for humanity in this situation?

Movie shots

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