145 minutes - Russia, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic - 2014

Status Completed


Movie Critics: 0, Spectators: 4

Creation year 2014

Country RussiaUkraineGermanyUnited KingdomCzech Republic

Language Russian

World Premiere 30 January 2014

Premiere in Ukraine 30 January 2014

Hire the world with 30 January 2014

Rental in Ukraine with 30 January 2014

Box office Ukraine (for all period) ₴ 43 503 571

Based on the novel by Nikolai Gogol Viy.

Beginning of XVIII century. Cartographer Jonathan green travels from Europe to the East. After passing through Transylvania and crossing the Carpathian mountains, green loses his way and meets two fellow travelers – the rhetorician Tiberius Gorobets and the theologian Freebie. Fellow travelers tell him about a small Cossack settlement where people live in seclusion, protecting themselves from any contact with the rest of the world. A year ago on the farm went to read prayers over the dead young lady and disappeared their friend Homa Brut. The scientist decides to unravel the mystery associated with the name of an extraordinary mythical creature – Viy. Ancient Slavic legends come to life...

Який кремлесос додумався співпрацювати з кацапами? Дивитись неможливо, хочеться цих паскуд розстріляти.

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