Grandfather’s Orchard

73 minutes - Poland, Ukraine - 2023

Status Completed

Release date31 May 2024
No trailer

Format Film

Category Full-length documentary

Genre Documentary

Production company MaGiKa Film



Director of photography (DOP) Oleksandr Pozdnyakov

Composers Oleksandr Yarema (II)

Sound Directors Tomash Sіkora

Film editor


Producer Gennady Kofman

Line Producers

Creation year 2023

Country PolandUkraine

Language UkrainianPolish

Premiere in Ukraine 31 May 2024

Rental in Ukraine with 31 May 2024

Karolina, a young Polish woman, sets off on a journey through Volhynia, where her family comes from. Her relatives were murdered in the so-called Volhynian massacre in 1943. This trauma constantly hurts. Karolina wanders on foot, accompanied by a Ukrainian cameraman Oleksandr. They talk with the inhabitants of Volhynia about past events.

It is a film about crumbs of goodness, about memory and coming to terms with one's own past. It is the voice of the young generation in the process of Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation.

Movie shots

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