The Journey to the Ukrainian Slobozhanschina

85 minutes - Ukraine

Status Under development

No trailer

Format Film

Category Full-length

Genre AdventureFantasyRoad MovieArthouse

Production company MEDIAGROUP 8

Screenwriter Kateryna Balabai

Director of photography (DOP) Юрій Красюк

Сostume designer Tamara Lievshina

Producer Kateryna Balabai

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

World Premiere 30 April 2025

Premiere in Ukraine 30 April 2025

Hire the world with 30 April 2025

A movie project in the genre of phantasmagoria telling the story of a strange journey of two Italians in Eastern Ukraine, which immerses the audience into the world of irony and avant-garde.

This is the first movie adaptation of the work of the Ukrainian writer of «Executed Renaissance» generation (which was destroyed by the Bolshevik totalitarian regime), Mike Johansen (1895-1937).

An emotional Italian venereologist goes to picturesque Ukrainian Slobozhanshchyna to finally make his beautiful companion his mistress, despite natural obstacles and the appearance of rivals.
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