Ukrainian New Wave. Reboot

110 minutes - Ukraine - 2021

Status Completed


Movie Critics: 0, Spectators: 0

Format Film

Category Anthology film

Genre DramaMelodramaAnimation

Production company Dovghenko-Centr

Creation year 2021

Country Ukraine

Language UkrainianRussian

Premiere in Ukraine 21 May 2021

Rental in Ukraine with 21 May 2021

Almanac of the best Ukrainian short films of 2020.

The topic of the almanac was reboot, a process in which a computer or other device completely cleans or restores the contents of RAM and resumes its work. However, the theme of the almanac goes much wider than the technical definition and relates to the personal and social dimension of human life.

The almanac is built in such a way that it forms a new audiovisual work with its own drama and visual style. This collection of films demonstrates the mood and trends in Ukrainian society and cinema in 2020-2021.

Movie shots

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