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78 minutes - Ukraine - 2009

Status Completed

No trailer

Creation year 2009

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

World Premiere 18 September 2010

Premiere in Ukraine 26 April 2009

Igor came to Yalta to his friend to photograph the remains of an ancient Genoese ship that sank in the Black Sea many years ago. However, life holds a lot of surprises: on his first night in the city, he meets Irina, who works in the press service of a political party. But the continuation of a pleasant acquaintance is overshadowed by the murder, which they witnessed during the meeting.

Igor, who does not part with his video camera for a moment, accidentally records the murder on film ... News on TV talks about suicide, but only Igor and Irina know what really happened ... and they have real proof of that. But the killer who saw them during the crime is also known about this video ... Now the main thing for them is to survive, because the real hunt for them has started ...

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