Ukraine - 2018

Status Completed

No trailer

Creation year 2018

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

World Premiere 28 May 2018

Premiere in Ukraine 12 September 2018

Anton is used to obeying his parents, but at a certain point he realizes that all along, he has been living by someone else’s script and that all he has is a job he hates and a wife he doesn’t love. He decides to turn his life around and reaches out to his first love Olga who lives in a small town; he confesses to her that his feelings for her are still alive. Olga is happy, as this is also a chance for her to re-start her life from a clean slate.

She confides in him entirely, but this relationship does not come easy: Anton has quite a few secrets and mysteries, and before long Olga’s love is rivaled by her own sister, and soon enough the woman’s life enters a downward spiral. In desperate times, she is supported by Maksim, Anton’s friend and partner who is going through a rough patch coming to terms with the death of his brother and is obsessed with the idea of finding those responsible for it.

Who can be trusted and who is to blame for all misfortunes, what is the cost of human error and whether life gives second chances – the characters are about to find the answers to these questions.

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