A few ghostly days

90 minutes - Ukraine, Russia - 2008

Status Completed

Creation year 2008

Country UkraineRussia

Language Russian

Cardsharper Georgiy by winning a large sum of money from his boss Antikwar opens a way to a new life. But the former fraudster acquires a dangerous enemy – Antikwar is not ready to lose hundred thousand dollars that easy. Meanwhile Senia, the son of a diplomat, enjoys free life while his parents are absent. Having a lot of fun with friends, he gets behind the wheel of his car and runs into a man on the deserted road. Senia disappears from the crime scene, but soon he meets the dead Georgiy. Now the only chance for Senia to get rid of the nightmare is to find Georgiy’s daughter Shura and give her the money. Georgiy is concerned about the future of his daughter, but the Senia will have to do his utmost to convince Shura of the sincerity of her father's feelings. Though Shura has never seen her father, she lives with a strong sense of grievance against him. Senia risks his life, but eventually fulfils Georgiy’s condition.

Movie shots

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