One warrior in the field

Ukraine - 2018

Status Completed

No trailer

Creation year 2018

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

World Premiere 09 May 2018

Premiere in Ukraine 09 May 2018

Experienced Soviet pilot Andrei Perevezyev took part in an air battle and shot down three German planes. In battle, Andrew's plane is shot down, but he manages to reach it to the nearest forest. Despite the injury, the pilot was able to neutralize the three soldiers sent after him and took the "tongue" with which he planned to return to the unit. But in the car in which the Nazis arrived, he suddenly finds a captured Russian journalist Benjamin. Together with the latter, they try to break into a small hospital hidden in the woods. But the men do not know that the camp with the hospital has already been discovered by German spies and is under fire. Now Andriy needs to take the wounded and medics out of the environment and survive on his own.

Movie shots

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