Ukraine - 2021

Status Completed

Creation year 2021

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

Premiere in Ukraine 01 March 2021

Budget ₴ 1 285 398

The story of a talented microbiologist Svetlana, who created an innovative antibiotic and founded a large pharmaceutical company. But fanatical devotion to work was the cause of the tragedy in her life – in the seventh month of pregnancy she lost a child.

After that, she and her husband decided to dedicate themselves completely to the family and forget about work for at least a while. Management of the company passed to her husband Alexei. But it turns out that he is not as exemplary a family man and a caring man as he wants to seem, he spends almost all nights in an underground gaming club. And one evening, when he lost everything, he puts the most expensive – his wife.

Movie shots

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