Basket for happiness

Ukraine - 2020

Status Completed

Format TV series

Серій 4
Хронометраж 45 хвилин
TV channel Україна

Rating 5.83%

Fraction 19.76%

Genre Melodrama

Production company IVORY films

Directors Anton Hoyda

Screenwriter Marіya Bek

Director of photography (DOP) Serhіy Holovaschuk

Production Designer Petro Koryahіn

Composers Vladlen Pupkov

Producer Natalіya StribukVіktorіya KorohodOleh RohoghaІlarіon PavlyukVolodimir Ribasy

Executive Producers Armen Ter-Avanesov

Leading actors Anna KoshmalMarіya KononovaTaras CimbalyukMakar TihomirovSerhіy KalantayHordіy DzyubinsykiyІnna Mіroshnichenko

Creation year 2020

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

Premiere in Ukraine 05 September 2020

Lika Berezovska dreams of a wedding with her boyfriend Serhiy, but so far she has not even received an offer from him. And the material condition does not allow the dream of a magnificent celebration to come true. To bring him closer, Lika gets a job at the supermarket Basket for Happiness as a sales consultant. But already on the first working day, Lika's career is in danger... because of Serhiy's son, Artemko, whom she takes with her to work. Fortunately, the girl is helped by a new employee – porter Boris.
Unlike Lika, Zhanna Katunina has never experienced financial problems, and now she holds a high position in her father's store. There is only one thing missing in her life – Jeanne did not meet love. Quite by accident, a former classmate Boris appears in her destiny, who gets a job in her father's shop Basket for Happiness. But Boris does not reciprocate the signs of Jeanne's attention, and sympathizes with the young employee of the Liki.

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