Ukraine - 2016

Status Completed

No trailer

Creation year 2016

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

Premiere in Ukraine 25 September 2016

Life is full of many wonderful moments and sometimes it seems that nothing can overshadow it. However, sometimes the unpredictable happens: war. Nadezhda, the main character, worked in a dangerous area as a doctor, helping people. But it so happened that she had to leave to avoid death.

 After a while, she returns to her hometown, and relatives help the young girl to settle down again. Hope is again taken to save lives. However, something happens that completely changes her worldview. She takes a little six-year-old boy out of the danger zone at the request of his grandmother. The child begins to feel attached to the heroine, even calling her mother. Will the girl dare to adopt, given that the boy does not represent his mother better than Nadezhda?

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