Two Hearts

Ukraine - 2020

Status Completed

Creation year 2020

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

Premiere in Ukraine 07 March 2020

Julia – the champion in show jumping – after an unsuccessful fall from a horse cannot continue her sports career. Doctors' forecasts are disappointing: a woman is unlikely to be able to walk again, and equestrian sports should be completely forgotten. She is now in a wheelchair. But Julia does not intend to give up. Previously, due to constant training and frequent competitions, she had almost no time for family. Now she has decided to devote all her attention to her family. But, it turns out, 15-year-old daughter Alice has become a stranger to her, and her husband is cheating on his best friend. Julia expels her husband and tries to establish a relationship with her daughter. And also to save his faithful friend in the competition - Rembrandt's horse. He is threatened with sleep, because the animal does not want to let in any other rider. It is thanks to Rembrandt that true love appears in Julia's life. But a friend intervenes in the relationship with her new lover again...

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