To see the Rainbow

Ukraine - 2015

Status Completed

No trailer

Creation year 2015

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

World Premiere 11 September 2016

Premiere in Ukraine 27 February 2016

At the age of 25, Vira has the best in life: a loving father, a wonderful education, a smart and attractive fiancé Igor.

Everything changes when Anton finds Vera, her first school love. The girl realizes that her feelings for Anton are still alive, and cancels her own wedding. However, the former fiancé, a major in criminal investigation, informs Vira that Anton is a criminal involved in robbery and even ... murder!

Which of these two men is telling the truth and which is not? Which one to trust? To the one who was caught lying, or to the one who never forgave the rejection ... And how to do the right thing: to return to a quiet quiet life or to sacrifice everything for the first feeling?

Movie shots

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