Kings of the Chambers

Ukraine - 2019

Status Completed

Format TV series

Серій 20
Хронометраж 24 хвилин
TV channel ТЕТ

Rating 0%

Fraction 0%

Genre Sketch

Production company 1+1 media

Distributor 1+1 media

Directors Alex YesakovAntonіo Lukіch

Screenwriter Dima SavyanLevon NazіnyanOleksіy RalynіkovAndrіy KuksaOleh SyomіnOleksandr HelyuhViacheslav Yushkov

Director of photography (DOP) Maksim Shkrid

Production Designer Andrіy Barіlko

Producer Khrystyna ShkabarRoman LukіnOleksandr Tkachenko (III)Vіktorіya Levchenko (III)

Executive Producers Volodimir Andrіyuk

Creative Producers Dima Savyan

Leading actors Volodimir RaschukYurіy Dyak

Supporting Actors Hennadii PopenkoOlyha GhukovcovaDima SavyanViacheslav VasyliukTetyana Lavsyka

Creation year 2019

Country Ukraine

Language UkrainianRussian

Premiere in Ukraine 28 October 2019

Taras and Yegor are brothers and work as doctors in the city polyclinic. Yegor is a macho. Secured and successful surgeon. His wallet attracts all girls, but does not give love. Taras is the complete opposite. There is not enough money, there is no career growth. And he carries his wife and children on his shoulders. Every time the boys make fun of each other and hold laughter therapy sessions.

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