On your side

Ukraine - 2019

Status Completed

Creation year 2019

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

Premiere in Ukraine 21 October 2019

According to the Turkish channel format "D" Passion Price.

Anastasia Streletskaya works as a neurosurgeon at one of the best Kiev clinics. One day, she leaves for an accident in which one of the clinic's clients was allegedly injured, but instead of an accident, an ambulance brings them to the warehouses of the pharmaceutical factory, where Nastya becomes a "dangerous witness" to deliberate murder. To remain a living girl will need to fulfill the request of the bandits and completely change.

Time is running out. Anastasia's enemies, drowning friends and benefactors, become cooler and cunning. Hope to escape from the criminal environment will be destroyed. Nastya will lose the most expensive people, but will meet the main man in his life.

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