113 minutes - Ukraine, Russia - 2002

Status Completed

No trailer

Creation year 2002

Country UkraineRussia

Language Russian

World Premiere 01 January 2003

Premiere in Ukraine 31 December 2002

Based on the tales of Charles Perrault.

The king cannot marry his son, who is only engaged in science. The astrologer prophesies to him that it is necessary to arrange the Great Royal Ball. Cinderella dreams of getting there, but her stepmother and sisters force her to sew their dresses. When the outfits are sewn, the ladies run away, leaving Cinderella with errands. But in the end the fairy godmother helps the happy girl to get to the ball, but with one condition: she must return by midnight. At the Cinderella ball she meets the Prince, who immediately fell in love with her. They dance, have fun, but it is midnight and Cinderella runs away, losing her crystal shoe. Meanwhile, her stepmother demands the King's title of Queen. The sisters come to the concert of their favorite singer, Troubadour.

The next day, the Prince, longing for Cinderella, persuades his father to drive through the cities and find Princess shoes. They also reach the Cinderella home. The sisters and the stepmother, when pushing Cinderella, measure the shoe, but it does not fit anyone. And Cinderella pulls out her shoes and puts them both on her feet. The prince recognized Cinderella and a wedding was held in the palace.

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