Roxolana. The cold

Ukraine - 1997

Status Completed

No trailer

Creation year 1997

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

Premiere in Ukraine 12 May 1997

Based on Osip Nazaruk's story Roksolana.

The action takes place in the city of Rohatyn, where her fiance, Stefan, came to her bride Nastya Lisovska from Lviv. They are preparing to celebrate the wedding, but in the morning a detachment of Crimean Tatars breaks into the town. Some townspeople were killed who were younger - captured and sold into slavery. Stefan manages to escape. An attempt to save Nastya was unsuccessful.

Nastya goes a long way from the famous Safar school of slaves to the suleimans of the Great, the pallbearer of the Ottoman Empire. The spark of true love ignites a feud in the main palace of the Top Cap Empire. Valide is involved in this feud - the mother of the mother-in-law, his first wife Mahidevran, the councilors of the court.

Now in the Top Cap Roksolana is called no different from Christian Roksolana. For the sake of her love, Roksolana decides to embrace Muslims, everyone is preparing for the wedding celebrations.

Movie shots

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