The window

10 minutes - Ukraine - 2019

Status Completed

No trailer

Format Film

Category Short

Genre Mysticism

Production company Samorazvitie

Directors Pavlo Hryb

Screenwriter Hristina ZomchakOleksіy Onіstrat

Director of photography (DOP) Pavlo Hryb

Film editor Pavlo Hryb

Producer Mikola Hrib

Leading actors Hristina ZomchakOleksіy Onіstrat

Supporting Actors Kateryna Bursikova

Creation year 2019

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

Each person has a passion. In Sofia there are windows. Old, abandoned, in which no one usually lives anymore. But for them they are alive, because they are still living the past of human life. But what consequences will lead to her capture, she still does not suspect.

Movie shots

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