The War of Chimeras

94 minutes - Ukraine - 2017

Status Completed

Creation year 2017

Country Ukraine

Language RussianUkrainian

World Premiere 25 March 2017

Premiere in Ukraine 25 March 2017

At the heart of the storyline is the story of the journey to the Lavra call sign, Valery Lavrenov, who survived, and his girlfriend, Anastasia, the film's director, to the front lines and an attempt to live together after all they saw and experienced. He was a volunteer at the front, she came there immediately after the battle. He was trapped in the Ilovay boiler, lost his closest brothers, trying to understand the essence of war and love, traveling through broken cities. And both of them openly tell each other what they feel during the hostilities, the exit from the boiler, the attempt to live together and a new, already common, journey to the front.

Movie shots

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