The other me

Ukraine - 2018

Status Completed

No trailer

Format TV series

Number of seasons 1

Season 1, рік 2018, series 4, ~48 minutes, TV channel Україна

Rating 0%

Fraction 0%

Genre Melodrama

Production company UPS

Directors Olyha Zolotaryova

Screenwriter Yaroslava Siehal

Director of photography (DOP) Maksim Hucu

Production Designer Ruslan Hubenko

Composers Roman Dudchik

Producer Іrina Zarya

Executive Producers Іrina Chemerіs

Leading actors Anastasіya ZadoroghnaVolodymyr Gorislavets Valentin TomusyakMark DrobotV'yacheslav Dovghenko

Creation year 2018

Country Ukraine

World Premiere 27 March 2019

Premiere in Ukraine 22 April 2018

The Vick and Nick sisters look like two drops of water on the outside, but their characters are completely opposite. Vika's bright, flamboyant career makes her a career in the advertising business, always surrounded by fans. Nika is a gray mouse working at the Research Institute. One day, Vika, having decided that it was time to dispel her, decided to go on a trip around Ukraine with the writer Serzh, whom she met on the social network. But they don't want to let her go. Vika finds the only possible solution - persuades her sister to replace her. Thus, Nick becomes a Witch. Serge is not a writer at all, but a smuggler who sells antiques. Vika brings him to clean water, and he rides of her in her car. Even after returning home, Vika is arrested - she is accused of hitting a pedestrian. And while Nick was playing Vicky, she not only got to meet her sister's sister Artem, but also fell in love with him. It will not be easy to unravel this tangle for sisters.

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