90 minutes - Ukraine, Russia - 2008

Status Completed


Movie Critics: 0, Spectators: 0

Creation year 2008

Country UkraineRussia

Language Russian

World Premiere 12 June 2010

Premiere in Ukraine 30 November 2008

Hire the world with 12 June 2010

Rental in Ukraine with 30 November 2008

A young woman, Irina, a businesswoman, is raising her own son, Cyril. The boy is sorely lacking in his father, he envies peers who have a dad.
Toli, an unshaven, poorly dressed man, escapes from pursuers. He runs into the first-best porch and sees Cyril coming into his apartment. There is nothing left for him to break into. Toli's pursuers leave the porch. Cyril mistakenly perceives Tolya as his father. The whole week after college and before his mother, Cyril spends with Dad. Dad eats, drinks, tells stories about hard service. Mom sees that Cyril has changed for the better, is glad, but does not understand the reasons until one day he comes home in advance ...

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