Inclusion at school

6 minutes - Ukraine - 2018

Status Completed


Movie Critics: 0, Spectators: 3

Creation year 2018

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

Rental in Ukraine with 25 May 2019

School. School playground. Classes are over and students are having fun and noisy falling out of school. It just rained on the street and there are lots of puddles on the asphalt. And on the aisle - the largest and widest puddle, it is almost impossible to get around without getting your feet wet. Teens are grouping themselves into beads and thinking about how to overcome the puddle. A guy appears on the cart, followed by a teenage girl. You can see that the girl likes the boy, and he is nice to her. The guy smiles and cleverly kneels the heroine, and, to the surprise of his classmates, transports the heroine through a large puddle.

The film is part of the short film short film Door.

Movie shots

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