Ukraine - 2019

Status Completed

Creation year 2019

Country Ukraine

Language Russian

Premiere in Ukraine 05 May 2019

When in the middle of the day the unknown shoots Ivan Korotchenko, Ilya Karelin loses not only a partner but also a friend. The young operative inherits all the criminal cases that Ivan and his dog Tyson have been conducting. Elijah is obsessed with finding Ivan's killer. The new partner, more precisely, the partner Elijah, does not immediately begin to help him in this. Marina considers herself a temporary employee and does not allow any other relationship with colleagues other than office workers. But when Elijah finds out that Rimar, the person behind the murder of Ivan Korotchenko, is Marina's boyfriend, and he is not a harmless restaurateur, she thinks, but the leader of a criminal group, Marina becomes personally involved in the investigation.

Movie shots

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