Me, You, He, She

99 minutes - Ukraine - 2018

Status Completed


Movie Critics: 0, Spectators: 5

Creation year 2018

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

World Premiere 10 January 2019

Premiere in Ukraine 17 December 2018

Hire the world with 10 January 2019

Rental in Ukraine with 27 December 2018

Budget ₴ 35 960 400

Box office Ukraine (for all period) ₴ 71 055 966

Maxim and Yana have been married for 10 years. It cannot be said that they have been happy for 10 years, but they cannot be called unhappy either. These were the usual 10 years of married life. Their relationship turned into union, love into respect, and passion into marital duty.

As calmly and everyday as possible, Maxim and Yana decided to divorce. By the time, both of them have already opened new perspectives in their personal lives, each of them trying to find happiness outside of marriage. The characters of their new novels are Boris and Helen.

However, the court, not having heard the good reasons for divorce, according to the legislation of Ukraine, gives the couple a month for reconciliation.

In the evening, Max and Jana meet at home and arrange a real scandal for the first time in 10 years. After reassuring themselves, a man and a woman come to believe that if they had not been silent for all these 10 years and expressed themselves at once, then things could have been different. In the end, Max and Jana agree on a month of reconciliation to help each other do what they always wanted to try, but were afraid to even think about it: erotic fantasies, an attraction to the extreme and just strange desires.


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