Such beautiful people

94 minutes - Ukraine - 2013

Status Completed


Movie Critics: 0, Spectators: 6.5

Creation year 2013

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

Premiere in Ukraine 24 October 2013

Rental in Ukraine with 25 September 2014

Budget ₴ 5 889 556

Box office Ukraine (for all period) ₴ 120 000

Cold sun, wind, sea, fish ... Two girlfriends, Marta and Luba, fled from the bustle of the big city and settled on the seashore as far away as possible from the people. With her, her happy family: a kind, weird man and an eight-year-old son. Martha has a bad marriage experience, fishing success, a piano and loneliness. Together, they arrange home performances, read poems and listen to music. However, Marty lacks genuine warmth. This is how in her life Ivan, a failed writer, appears, who has to decide whether he is worthy of strong feelings and whether he can still fall in love.


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