92 minutes - Ukraine - 2018

Status Completed


Movie Critics: 0, Spectators: 3

Creation year 2018

Country Ukraine

Language Ukrainian

Premiere in Ukraine 01 March 2018

Rental in Ukraine with 01 March 2018

Box office Ukraine (for all period) ₴ 2 442 880

Spectators in cinemas 31171

A young supermarket worker, Leopold Baranovsky, becomes the owner of an unusual jacket, in which one hundred dollar bills never end. The lives of Leopold and his best friend Lecha were littered with new colors – restaurants, boutiques, new cars and just about anything their soul desires.

But the jacket has a real master – Victor Khmara (candidate for mayor of a large coastal city). He uses all the power and connections to find the precious thing. Leopold is ready to return the thing to the owner, but suddenly learns that the hundred-dollar bills, before appearing in the jacket pocket, must disappear from another person's pocket. Because of the wild lives of Leopold and Lech, thousands of people have already lost money, and what happens when a jacket falls into the hands of Victor, who is vying for power?

There is a daunting task for friends – to prevent Victor from winning the election and not to let him go bankrupt throughout the country.


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