Quarter 95 Studio

Production company (48) Distributor (1)

Year of foundation 2003

Property Private

Type of services

Founded in 2003, KVARTAL 95 has established itself as an industry-leading company providing a full range of services in the production of TV programs and format shows, TV films and series, feature films and animation projects with regularly high ratings. Our company is the leading provider of entertainment TV content in CEE.


At the same time KVARTAL 95 has developed many other successful products and now we have several divisions including:


- production of TV projects and formats

- production of TV films and series

- production of feature films

- 95 Animation Studio

- promo and distribution of all own projects

- organization of concerts and festivals (in Ukraine and overseas)

- concert tickets operator

- organization of events

- creation of commercials (ideas and production), developing design concepts

- script writers team

- own TV and internet channel